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ZaiNar is developing the next generation of wireless radio location tracking technologies for mobile and IoT applications. Their technology achieves sub-meter precision positioning with cross compatibility across a wide range of devices and communication protocols.


Real-time location tracking is the next revolution in big data. Zainar have developed the best time (and frequency) synchronization of networked devices in the world. ZaiNar enables real-time positioning and time distribution to sub-meter accuracy without retrofitting devices to both Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).

ZaiNar’s proprietary mesh network technology provides a versatile solution for real-time local positioning that is far more scalable, cost-effective, and accurate than existing alternatives such as GPS/GNSS, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Their patented technology has enormous applications across many verticals such as cell phones, automotive, drones, IoT, asset tracking and supply chains to name a few.