Fund 1 Portfolio

We invest globally in the early stage of future category leading tech companies.

A snapshot of a few of our Fund 1 investments

The number one AI powered marketing decision support platform for SME marketers. Partnerships with Google, Optus, Apple, Singtel. Clients in 84 countries.
The number one No.1 document annotation app in the world. Growing strongly globally and cementing their dominate global position.
The world’s most advanced software to simulate and optimise manufacturing production. Pilots include some of the largest manufacturing companies is the world.
Painless visitor management to help organisations, especially aged care, stay compliant. Adapts dynamically to the latest COVID regulations, such as restricted timings & people.
Developing the world’s most accurate wireless location tracking tech. 1,000x more accurate than current technology. Partnerships with some of the world’s largest companies.
Makes the world’s most powerful software to compare large populations of whole human genomes, that can power novel diagnostics & drug discoveries.
Aims to offer the world’s first simple, easy and affordable personalised biometric solution, starting with the biggest killer in hospitals, sepsis.
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