General Questions

What is CP Ventures?

CP Ventures is a venture capital fund that invests in the world’s best companies in their domain.

CP Portfolio

Our mission is to be the fund of choice for world changing startups and investors who want to empower them. We achieve this by combining highly skilled people, a collaborative culture, with pioneering processes and tech.

CP Ventures offers investment via our Fund, which is a tax-free ESVCLP vehicle (Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership). Fund Investors can also co-invest alongside the Fund directly in some deals.

Who is behind CP Ventures?

CP Ventures is run by highly experienced investors who’ve built high growth businesses and invested in over 100 startups.

CP Ventures Team

What is the CP Ventures Platform?

CP Ventures uses an in-house proprietary tech platform to workflow and streamline our entire process, from sourcing, screening, due diligence, investing and monitoring.

Is CP Ventures a crowdfunding platform?

No, we are a venture capital fund. But we do bring along some of the world’s best investors in our rounds or follow-on rounds.

Is CP Ventures regulated by ASIC?

Yes. CP Ventures is licenced as a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR #1253421) of Lazarus Securities Pty Ltd (AFS Licence # 502758).


Can CP Ventures act as my Lead Investor?

Yes, absolutely. We’re happy to lead, co-lead or follow.

When we lead a raise we will conduct the most thorough and first due diligence and put our name and brand to the capital raise. We’ll set the valuation and the investment terms with you so other investors can follow. We can open up our investor network in Australia and overseas to help you raise capital.

What makes you unique from other VCs for Startups?

There are many things that make us unique for startups, but our top three things are:

Advice – We are successful entrepreneurs and technologists that have experienced rapid scaling at companies like Amazon and Atlassian.

HR – We have expert recruitment capabilities in-house and often help our portfolio companies finding the best team and everything else HR.

Network – We can help with getting co-investors into your current and future rounds from Australia and overseas, including via Angelist via our syndicate, as well as corporate partnership connections.

What type of startups are you looking for?

We look for tech-enabled startups that can dominate a huge niche.

We’re looking for the following qualities:

  • Seed and early Series A stage
  • Raising between AUD$500k and AUD$3m
  • Generating revenue
  • High growth rates
  • Tech enabled
  • Highly scalable and can expand internationally
  • Amazing founder(s) & team
  • Unique USP & defendable IP

We are industry agnostic (ie. don’t care what industry you are in), and invest in Australian and international companies (though focus more on Australia).

Generally, if you are tech enabled, are generating revenue and are a high growth opportunity, we’re interested.

We generally shy away from very deep tech and cutting edge biotech and do not invest in capital intensive, unethical or highly specialised businesses.

Will you sign my confidentiality agreement / NDA?

Anything you share with us is treated with complete confidentiality. We do not sign NDA’s to begin discussions for several reasons:

  • It wastes time and money with lawyers
  • We are busy building CP Ventures and have no interest in copying your business
  • It reflects a distrustful relationship between you and us which is not how we like to operate

If you can’t get past the requirement for an NDA to start having a discussion with us then unfortunately CP Ventures is not for you, and we wish you well in your capital raising. We’re fine signing an NDA as we move deeper into due diligence.


Who can invest in the CP Ventures Fund 1?

Wholesale/sophisticated investors only. Retail investors cannot invest in our Fund.

Our Fund is an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP), which only permits wholesale/sophisticated investors within the meaning of section 761G of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

In Australia, a wholesale/sophisticated investor is defined as having annual income of $250,000 for the last two years or a net worth of at least $2,500,000.

What makes you unique from other VCs for Investors?

There are many things that make us unique for Investors, but our top three things are:

Team – Successful founders and tech engineers, with over 100 startup investments under our belt from all corners of the world

Deal Flow – Tier 1 domestic and international deal flow

Process –  Rigorous, structured and transparent process from screening to monitoring, backed by our proprietary tech platform

Is there a minimum amount I can invest in the Fund?

The minimum investment commitment in the Fund is A$200,000.

We have set the Initial Capital Contribution at 35% of your total commitment, with the balance drawn down over a period of 3 to 4 years as investments are made.

Can I get direct access to deals I particularly like?


A key element of the CP Ventures approach is to offer what is effectively a ‘curated deal flow’ to our investor network (for no cost) in opportunities our Fund invests in. We showcase our deal flow and portfolio via our Platform

How do you charge for your services?

Investors invest in CP Venture’s Funds will be charged management and fund administration fees, as outlined in the Fund’s Information Memorandum.

There are no fees when you co-invest alongside our Fund.