Investment Process

Thank you for your interest in the CapitalPitch Ventures Fund 1.

The process to invest in CapitalPitch Ventures Fund 1 can be done entirely online by following the instructions via the link button below:

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Funds Transfer

In accordance with the Partnership Deed of CapitalPitch Ventures please ensure that 60% of this amount you are committing is deposited into the following account within 10 business days of signing of the Subscription Agreement. This represents the original 35% deposit plus two capital calls (15% and 10%).

Name of Bank: ANZ Bank
Name of Account: CapitalPitch Ventures Fund I, I.L.P.
BSB: 013-006
Account Number: 837003529
Reference: [Investor Name]

Please also send a copy of the deposit receipt to the above email address and/or postal address of Apex Fund Services.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or phone us at 02 8188 3807, or Apex Fund Services via [email protected].

c/o Divya Dulani
Apex Fund Services (Australia)
[email protected]
Tel: +61 3 9020 3000

Subscription Deed Form

Master File
- Australian Corporate Body
- Non-Australian Body Corporate
- Partnership
- Association
- Individual
- Government Body

Other Fund Documents

ESVCLP Partnership Deed
Information Memorandum
Fund Presentation

AML Documents

AML Documents Required
Sophisticated Certification Letter Template