Who We Are

We’ve built high growth businesses and invested in over 100 startups. We look to invest in the world’s best companies in their domain and then help primarily via tech advice, human resources and networks.

Our Mission

To be the fund of choice for world changing startups and investors who want to empower them.

We achieve this by combining highly skilled people, a collaborative culture, with pioneering processes and tech.

How We’re Unique

Team – Successful founders and tech engineers, with over 100 startup investments under our belt from all corners of the world.

Deal Flow – Tier 1 domestic and international deal flow for investors to enjoy and portfolio companies to network between.

Process –  Rigorous, structured and transparent process from screening to monitoring, backed by our proprietary tech platform.

Our Focus

CP Ventures focuses on:

  • Seed and early Series A companies
  • With ability to dominate a huge domain
  • Run by passionate talented founders
  • While we concentrate on Australian companies, we’re always scanning the world for unique opportunities.

    Value Add

    CP Ventures is active smart money. We’re as active as our portfolio companies need, from leading the investment, introducing co-investors, complete HR functions, tech and scaling help, active Limited Partners, US angel and VC networks, Angelist syndication, client introductions and cross pollination of client lists and products.

    Our Ethos


    We look for startups and investors who understand that working and supporting each other as a team is how you get ahead, and enjoy doing it!


    Do the right thing! No-one should win at the expense of someone else. We don’t and we expect our founders, investors and wider network to feel the same way.


    Great companies are built on solid foundations of governance and business disciplines. Excellent investments occur when thorough processes are defined and followed.


    We expect our startups to be open and honest, warts and all, to us and our investors. We’ve built our platform for transparency.

    Our FAQ’s

    All your burning questions answered.

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