Unprecedented technological change is occurring at ever increasing speed

Unprecedented technological change offers unprecedented opportunities for alpha returns

Who We Are

CP Ventures is a boutique VC fund that’s run by Emlyn Scott and Chris Sang, focused on performance and invests globally in the early stage of future category leading tech companies.

Our Thesis

Invest internationally in talented passionate founders at an early stage, who are building highly scalable, future global category leading tech companies, with a high exit potential.

How We’re Unique

Performance – Fund 1 has quickly become one of the best performing VC funds in the world. We enjoy personal Unicorn investments.

Experience – We’re successful founders and have over 100 personal angel and fund investments globally.

Boutique Model – We invest globally at the Pre-Seed and Seed stages, and win deals via our nimble and professional process. Our LPs tell us we provide more transparency than any other VC.

Our Focus

CP Ventures focuses on:

  • Pre-Seed, Seed and Seed+ stage companies
  • With the ability to be a future category leading tech company
  • Run by extraordinarily talented passionate founders
  • Value Add

    CP Ventures is active smart money. We’re as active as our portfolio companies need, from leading the investment, introducing co-investors, complete HR functions, tech and scaling help, active Limited Partners, US angel and VC networks, Angelist syndication, client introductions and cross pollination of client lists and products.

    Our Ethos


    We look for startups and investors who understand that working and supporting each other as a team is how you get ahead, and enjoy doing it!


    Do the right thing! No-one should win at the expense of someone else. We don’t and we expect our founders, investors and wider network to feel the same way.


    Great companies are built on solid foundations of governance and business disciplines. Excellent investments occur when thorough processes are defined and followed.


    We are extremely open and honest with our investors. We expect our startups to be open and honest too, warts and all, to us and our investors.

    Our FAQ’s

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